Vote For Janet Clarkson

Let me start by saying  I am highly qualified to serve as your Mayor.

I am skilled in managing money and planning for the future having owned and operated, a very successful art gallery for over 30 years with my husband.  I might add that we would not have succeeded without the participation of seasonal residents

37 cents of every tax dollar collected goes to the county; A strong mayor is required to make sure we get our fair share back.  I will also work with the Provincial Government to bring the needs of our very rural community to their attention. OPP charges will be at the top of that agenda

I am very easy to reach and will strive to attend all the meetings I am invited to.  I will also encourage my council to do so as well because this is where we hear your concerns and update you on the progress of council.

Most importantly, the amalgamation of the roads depots must be put to rest for the long term.  Repairs to Buckhorn and a small rebuild to Galway and Cavendish will serve this very large community in a way it deserves to be serviced.

Garbage is a big concern to almost everyone.  I feel more services should be available at all sites and a scale at least one site would make everyone’s job easier.  A free tipping day should be reinstated and residents should be able to use their 52 garbage bags any time of the year.  This will bring a lot of goodwill to residents as a whole.

The free sand which has been available for slippery fire routes should be re-instated.  This is a small price to pay for peace of mind on slippery fire routes.

I previously served eight years on council from 2006-2014. During that time I wrestled with how to bring this municipality closer together.  I propose we form a citizens advisory committee with representatives from all organizations throughout the twp to an open house held 3 times a year.  These would be held informally at the community centre.  I firmly believe that if we sit down together we will find we have a lot more in common than what separated us. These meetings will give you a voice on the state of your individual areas.

Seniors are our most precious resource. They give us a sense of who we are and where we came from, and help with volunteering and supporting their neighbors that only they have that connection with.  We need to work to establish a permanent historical society in both Galway and Buckhorn before we lose all the firsthand accounts of our history.

I always have a dream when I run for council. The first time was the medical centre, second time was the tourist centre and rink, which by the way should operate a satellite from the library in Cavendish.  This time I would like to bring a pilot project for door to door affordable transportation for our seniors. We all know the cheapest place to keep people is in their own homes and it is the number one place where people want to stay as long as possible.

TheMayor’s job is to lead and inspire council.  It also is to represent to the best of my ability at both the county and Province

We accomplished so much in my first two terms in council but it was done with the full  cooperation of council, staff and the public.  A great deal of volunteering and fund raising from many people made out projects possible.  Having said that, I promise to hold a comprehensive volunteer by  the middle of august.  We will have food, games, bouncy castles for the kids, and of course (chocolate) cake. This municipality would grind to a halt without its precious volunteers and they deserve to be recognized

I have great expectations for the next 4 years but am the first to recognize we will have our challenges.  Those Challenges make us stronger and work harder.

I respectfully ask that on October 22nd you cast your ballot for Janet Clarkson.


Janet Clarkson


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