Janet Clarkson; Community Activist

For decades I have been called a community activist. These are some of the reasons why.

-Formed first ratepayers association in Harvey TWP

-Convinced TWP  not to sell old Buckhorn school in 1966. Suggested we form first senior citizens group. It is now the library and goodbye room

-Formed a citizens group to oppose the building of a new public school in Lakefield. We know have out public school in Buckhorn with 100 students

-Ran for Council in 1996 and became councillor at large for Galway, Cavendish, and Harvey

-Spearheaded the building of a new medical centre and signed two doctors and a nurse practitioner to work there

-Held two galas to raise money for the medical centre

-Started our very first Famers and Craft Market

-Started a fundraising program to build a tourist association building. We eventually built it!

-Participated in two East Meets West musical evenings featuring a professional flutist and other musicians

-Created our first Heritage Day

-Ran several golf tournaments to raise money for the Buckhorn Sports Pad

-Formed a ratepayer association which has held many information sessions for the community

-Organized an all candidates meeting through the ratepayers association for the last federal election

-I am presently a member of the Buckhorn Public School Council and sit on the regional council as well

-Ran 3 Spaghetti dinners and auctions for both the school and the Buckhorn Community Centre baseball diamond

-I support all things that benefit children

-Helped organize a very successful Rural Women’s Day summit

-Organizing the next all candidates meeting for the provincial election

I will be running for mayor of Trent Lakes in the Fall election


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