What Do We Do About the Roads Depots?

In the middle of December I was supervising the rink in buckhorn when this fellow came up to me and said. “Have you heard the crazy plan the twp has for the works depots?” I asked what it was and he said they were going to centralize the roads depots to 49

I plough this area and I tell you; it can’t work.  I asked him if he had voiced his concerns, and he said they weren’t’ welcome.

This plan was  considered about 6 years ago and found to be unworkable then. … What has changed.  Why has that facility stood vacant all these years.

Apart from the operational cost, the size of this twp makes a centralized works depots unworkable. If we require 3 fire halls for safety and prompt service, 4 waste transfer sites for convenience, what makes council think that a single roads dept, which is the hub of all services, can function from one location?

A school bus driver who picks up in the Beaver lake area was told by a plow operator that he could expect to have a lot of snow days as he won’t be able to open the road in time for the bus pick up.

We all know that winter storms, and storms in general are getting stronger.  We need to be able to respond at least as quickly as fire.

If you consider the wasted mileage when we are supposed to be conserving energy, and the loss of man hours when people have to leave their jobs up to one hour earlier than necessary to return their vehicle to 49, I fail to see the sense.

There is a very good reason we have our depots where they are now and that is the size of this municipality. A  Suggestion; Put a single stand-alone pre-engineered bay in both Galway and Cavendish, and refurbish buckhorn where necessary. If it`s not broken don`t fix it.


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