Why I’m Running For Mayor of Trent Lakes


First of all, I have a passion for this place and I have proven expertise in the field. I love politics and have several items that I would like to pursue if I am chosen to be your next mayor

-Put to bed the idea of a centralized works depot

-Make whatever changes are needed in the existing facilities to guarantee their safety and ability to service this very large municipality

-Work with the county to get more services at transfer sites. Ex hazardous waste and composting

-Make dump passes available to be used throughout the year not quarterly

-Support ALL our community centres and the Buckhorn rink

-Liaison with all ratepayers or cottage  associations as requested

-Be open to some evening meetings especially in summer (This was previously promised)

-Continue to push the Province for more say over quarries

-Work to establish a permanent site for our valuable heritage documents

-Be open to your suggestions, be available, and be respectful


-Served on council for 8 years.  4 as councillor at large and 4 as  your Mayor

-Spearheaded the Buckhorn Medical Centre and made contact with Dr. Jonathan Mallory, Dr. Scott Ferrier, and nurse practitioner Shannon Selkirk Ferrier who are still with us today.

-Supported the renovations to the Kinmount medical Centre

-Led the initiative to build the Buckhorn District Tourist Association building which is extremely well used 

-Acquired the property at sandy lake to make the beach larger and safer

-Buckhorn outdoor sports pad continues to be a  great addition to our area

-First economic development committee, the circle tour, Heritage day, East meets west, and our farmers and craft market were just some of the ideas I initiated  while on council

What Have I Done Since My Time On Council?

Community liaison for the Buckhorn Public School Association

-Regional representative for the region of Kawartha Pineridge

-Volunteered at the New Canadian Centre

-I formed a Buckhorn and Area Ratepayers Association which is alive and well

-Wrote a book, and continue to travel